you call me curvy like it's a bad thing...
well, it is.
and now im here to change it.

current weight:

starting weight: 185
as of september 20, 2010
height: five foot, eight inches
ultimate goal weight: 135
first goal weight: 175
second goal weight: 165
third goal weight: 155
fourth goal weight:145
fifth goal weight:135

goal weight deadline: march 25, 2010
aka. spring break
5k running goal: november 7, 2010

my game plan:
gym everyday after school: running three miles & weights
swimming in a pool, both short and long course 4 days a week
beach run once a week
open water swim once a week
calorie intake: 1,300
lose 10 lbs a month, about 2+ pounds a week

i want to:
get my mile down to 7:00 minutes
swim a 3k in less than 30 minutes
be in shape to complete a triathlon in summer 2011
reduce my bra size from 38F to 34D
reduce my pants size from 10 to 6
feel good about myself when i look in the mirror every morning

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Dangerous Curves Ahead